Six Reasons To Use This Site

Our aim is simple. We want to provide solid, reliable information based on careful research and (wherever possible) personal experience. What are the speed limits? How closely are they observed? Can you park on the sidewalk? What are prices like? How easy is it to find accommodation? What is the food like? Can you drink the water? What about blood alcohol limits if you want a drink with a meal (or without it)?

Sure, you can get all this information elsewhere, usually for free. But our country-by-country guide has numerous advantages over chat rooms, tourist offices and most of the other sources you can turn to.

First, we have done the work for you. Better still, we have done it as fellow motorcyclists. You don't have to hunt through books that are primarily written for general tourists, let alone ones that are written for back-packers, caravanners or sunbathers.

Second, it's quick. You don't have to spend hours on forums and in chat rooms. You don't have to go to bookstores and libraries. It's all a mouse-click away.

Third, the information is consistently organized: the same headings (of interest to motorcyclists) appear in the same order for each country. Click to see the standard layout. Where we have visited a country -- and we've done our best to get to most of the countries we cover here -- there's local colour, anecdotal information, and so forth. Where we haven't, there are still plenty of hard, useful facts. At the launch of the site in late 2003, there were no countries covered that we had not visited.

Fourth, we're a lot more up to date than average. The best guide books (the most readable, inspirational and enjoyable) are often long out of date: think of us as a supplement to all the immortal texts of the last 300 years and more, filling in the details they can't have. We'd be crazy to claim that our information is 100 per cent correct, because no site ever is. Even so, it's pretty good. If we're wrong, e-mail us, and we'll correct it.

Fifth, there's no advertising -- or if there is any advertising, it is the fault of your internet service provider, not us. This means we are not obliged to take any notice of advertisers' demands, and it saves a lot of time and irritation when you are trying to use the site. The nearest we come to advertising is cross-links with other sites: motorcycle manufacturers, companies offering local delivery, companies offering motorcycle hire or insurance, that sort of thing.

Sixth, we're reliable. You may regard the phrase 'reliable journalist' as an oxymoron -- or maybe just the ravings of a regular moron -- but whom would you rather trust: someone you've never met before, on the Web, or someone with over 50 books to their credit? To find out more about us, click here.

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