This whole site is very much a 'book on the web'. It consists mostly of text, because text downloads fast, and because text is the fastest way of conveying solid information about motorcycle touring.

The idea is that you can download the information and print it out. You then use the print-out both for planning, and to carry with you when you are touring. Afterwards, you can either keep the print-out for next time, or throw it out when it gets too dog-eared and download it again when you need it.

The site is in two sections. One section is background information about touring. Then there's a country by country guide to motorcycle touring in Europe, plus India and California and eventually maybe other places as well.

In both sections, you get solid, reliable, well-structured information that's relevant to motorcycling. The minimum length of a country guide is about 2000 words, and the maximum is over 6000 words.

You can download one country, or half a dozen -- or more, up to the full number of countries (and US states) that we've listed. The site started in late 2003 with 12 countries and one state (California). These were the ones that we reckoned that most people would want to visit. More will being added as time permits.

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